My Own Montessori Preschool/Kindergarten
Elk River, MN
Classroom News
WE are fishing, camping, digging in the dirt....enjoying our Minnesota summer.  Check back here in September 2017 to find out what we'll be doing!

Montessori is all about creating lifelong's what makes us interesting and happy people.  The prepared environment (a term Maria Montessori coined) is essential for the young child.  Interesting "works" that draw the child in for further exploration are key.  Creating an environment that fosters concentration is also key.  Much work by the staff is done when your child is NOT at school, in preparing this rich room of materials. 

If your child is staying for Fun Club, please be sure to bring along appropriate outdoor clothing.  Snowpants and boots are needed for winter play.  Place these items in a bag that is well marked with their name.   We supply organic milk for lunch. Thanks!!


Lynn's Wish List:
Snack items (fresh fruits/veggies, crackers, cheese, raisins, granola bars, cereal...anything healthy is so much appreciated!  PLEASE help us go organic!!!!!!!

  A little photo glimpse into my life as a mom, enjoy!

Please click on any photo to enlarge. 

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