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Classroom News

Welcome to school year 2018-2019! I am very excited to be starting my first year here at My Own Montessori. I hope that you are as excited as I am!

There are a few things I want to share with you before school begins on September, 4th.

--School begins at 9:00 AM with drop-off starting at 8:50 AM. Please bring your child into the entryway and myself or Ms. Lori will greet your child there.  Here you will say your goodbyes with hugs and kisses and Ms. Lori or myself will walk your child down to the classroom.

--11:30 AM/Morning Class Only: If your child is class only and leaving at 11:30, Ms. Lori or myself will have your child ready for you in the entryway at 11:30. Please come inside to retrieve your child.

--2:00/Full Day: If your child attends the full day program, I will have your child in the entryway at 2:00.

--If possible, I ask that your child have two pairs of shoes for school. One pair will be worn outside and be called their “outside shoes.” This pair can be the shoes they come and go to school in. As we enter winter, their boots can be this pair.  The other pair will be called their “inside shoes” and only be worn inside the classroom. A nice pair of slippers with a rubber sole works well for this situation. Whatever shoes you choose, please make sure your child can practice independence by being able to put the shoes on by themselves with full independence.  Having different shoes helps keep our carpet clean and beautiful.

--One exciting thing we will do in our classroom is learn about nature and the importance of plants and trees. To help with these lessons, I encourage that your child bring a plant of their very own to school for the year. It will be their plant to water, dust, and care for plus it helps bring such beauty to our classroom. Please remember that our windows are fairly small and that we do not get a lot of direct sunlight.  So, when you choose your special plant please make sure it will like indirect light or shade. You do not need to have your plant here on the first day of school, or even the first week, sometime in the month of September will be great.

--Another item I would like everyone to have at school is an extra change of clothes, including socks and underpants, just incase. These can be brought in in a gallon ziplock bag or a plastic Target/Wal-Mart bag of some sort for easy storage.

--I will be sending a folder home every Thursday or Friday (depending on what days your child attends) of your child’s work. There may be some weeks it might be plump full and others it may not. It is always good to remember that the Montessori curriculum is not product driven and not everything has paper as part of the process. Many, many of the Montessori materials stay here in the classroom and are not taken home upon completion. The folder is also another means of a way to communicate with me. The goal is to review your child’s folder and return it on the following day they attend.

I will come on this page to put snack or classroom requests or to put any updates. Try to check on here at the beginning of each month.  If there is anything urgent that needs to go out to all parents, I will send it in an email so as not to get missed. The 2018-2019 calendar is updated and up for viewing.

Again, I am so looking forward to this year and being with all of your children!  I truly feel blessed for this opportunity. Please do not hesitate to email or call me with any questions or concerns you may have. No question or concern is too small.


Ms. Michele



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