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Parent/Child Comments
My son had the wonderful joy of having Ms. Michele as his preschool teacher from the age of almost three through kindergarten.  She is kind, patient, caring and truly loves the children she works with.  My son thrived in some areas (language) and struggled in others (behavior).  Ms. Michele was committed to his success through all of this - pushing him in his areas of strength and encouraging him with grace and kindness in his challenges.  The classroom atmosphere was a fantastic mix of academics and wonder with learning happening often without the children realizing it.  My son would come home most days excited to tell me some tale of what he encountered that day, from the atmospheres of planets to the phalanges of his hand.  Ms. Michele's years of experience in the Montessori world really shine in all she does.  Her understanding of children and their needs is evident as she interacts with her students and helps them to express their strengths and weaknesses, joys and concerns.  I would absolutely recommend Ms. Michele to anyone searching for a preschool class.  Sincerely, Allie Brandon (and Elias, now age 7 as of 2018)
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